Sunday, February 24, 2013

Technology Trauma

So Anna will probably find this whole post ridiculous considering her current views on modern technology and our obsession with it, but here is my story......

The electricity around here can be crazy at times. Last week, in particular, it was going crazy. It would come on and off erratically.

My first incident involved my ipad (which I love). It was plugged into a power surge protector and then into the wall. Well, the power surged and out went the protector and the little white power adaptor that was connected to it. I then had no way to charge the ipad. But then I realized I could plug it into the laptop. I tried that and it worked, but incredibly slow, like hours, to recharge. So, it was inconvenient, but doable. I was worried however that there had been some internal damage as I couldn't believe it should take so long to charge through the laptop..

The very next day, the power surged again and out went the laptop adaptor. So Now I have no way to charge my laptop or ipad. But luckily, my next door neighbor just happens to have an adaptor that fits my laptop. Thank goodness for Erin, but I was worried about having to borrow it all the time for the next two months.

Two days after that, I am carrying my laptop out of our hostel over to the school. Our power was out, but there was power over there. The power cord was available so I wanted to use it then. As I was walking out, my feet slipped and down I went. As I was falling I realized something was going to hit the tile hard, either me or the laptop I was holding. So, the edge of the laptop hit first. Luckily the only damage was the little stick that was in the usb port (that is for the wireless mouse I use). I figured I can live without a mouse. But when I tried to use the touch pad, it didn't respond. It thought  there was still a wireless mouse. So, now I had a laptop that wouldn't work at all.

So, that was my dilemna. No laptop and no way to charge my ipad.

The solution:
Feeling like the ox was in the mire, I travelled to Chennai on Sunday. After dropping off  a group at the Church, I continued on to Express Mall. I should say our driver did all this driving and dropping off. At the mall, I was thinking I would probably be buying either a new laptop or netbook. I located the computer store, and with a bag full of all my damaged goods I entered. An hour later and only $100 poorer, I had new power adaptors for my laptop and ipad, a new corded mouse and a new power surge protector. I learned that recharging an ipad through a laptop is much slower than through the wall due to the low voltage. So, nothing was wrong with the ipad and fortunately I was able to plug a new mouse into another usb port to get the cursor to work.

So all ended well. I will not have to spend the next two months without email and facebook.

And they worked on the power and it is doing much better this week - Something about cutting back branches on the lines.

My purchase at the mall.


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