Sunday, November 6, 2011

Autumn in Utah

This has been a great fall season. Utah had the most wonderful weather all the way up until like this weekend. There is more color than I would have thought, so that has been nice. Being autumn, the two things I think of first are General Conference and BYU football.

We missionaries received one ticket to conference. I attended the Sunday morning session. I sat about 10 rows from the bottom, but on the far left. It is crazy around here during any type of large event at the Conference Center. The traffic is crazy, the parking is worse. Thank goodness, I can just walk across the street, and I am there.

I bought season tickets to BYU football. I usually drive down early and hang out with Luke and/or Anna. I have had a blast.

Somewhere in this picture (in a white t-shirt) is Jimmer Fredette. He is quite the celebrity around here.

I sit in the student section. It rotates every game so you never know where you'll sit until just before game day. Also, the students don't sit. They stand the whole game (except for short breaks during time-outs and half-time.)

And lest I forget that I am in Utah, I woke to the following yesterday morning. They say this is just the beginning. Remember it is only Autumn. But something about the dry air, makes the cold not so bad, (So far).

I drove down to Provo and Provo had received no snow. How wierd!

Also yesterday I took the kids out to Tucano's Brazilian Grill to celebrate Luke and Cameron's birthdays. I had never been there before. It was alot of fun. Kind of a toss-up as to who ate the most, either Cam or Luke.

And this is a picture of the "famous drink". Some man, according to our server, bought me a drink and had it sent to our table. I'm a little skeptical, but alas, the drink was very good. And when I suggested Cameron use a different straw as I passed the drink around, he said, "Why? We're all family". Hopefully he's not bringing any strange germs into the family.