Sunday, July 17, 2011

My first month as a Missionary

I knew I wouldn't be good at keeping up with a blog. But in an attempt to keep my promise to Anna, I am making this entry, a month late. First of all, I must say that being here in Salt Lake has been great. I have spent some time with 4 of my 5 children, which has been great. I have also seen many other friends who have been in the area. Among those whom I have seen are: John and Pam Cook, Linda and John Stewart, Rich and Susanne Mullins, Susan Dale (Bill's mother, sorry I don't know her married name), Sabrina Venesky (sorry I don't know your married name), Travis Jordan, Cindy Foley (sorry, I don't know your married name), Heather Alvarez, Raelle Frailey, and tomorrow I see Doug and Diane Horsley. My first picture below is of my first house guest.... Luke.

I live just west of the Conference Center. I would describe it as being about one step above my last apartment in Provo when I lived in married housing. But it is so convenient and very easy to maintain. Below is the view from the apartment, the actual apartment and the view from the parking lot (notice the temple).

Temple Square is actually pretty amazing. The flowers are everywhere. The buildings are stunning. People from all over the world stop here to tour and visit.

I spend most all of my time on Temple Square. Here is a picture of the cafeteria where I eat regularly. It is pretty cool to have someone playing a grand piano as you eat cafeteria food.

This is a picture of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It is on Temple Square. I have church here each Sunday and I work here Monday - Friday.

This is a picture of our chapel in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

This is a picture of the Family Search Center where I work each day. This is where people can just stop by and search for family information. We have people from all over the United States stop by. There are also people from many different countries. It is amazing that so many people see Salt Lake as a tourist destination. Alot of people who stop by are often doing a western tour of national parks, like Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Zions's, etc. Salt Lake is kind of a hub for this type of tour group.

These last pictures are of some of my new friends. This first picture is of my group that began missions on the same day. There were 35 of us I believe. The last two pictures are of me and my trainer, Sister Whitaker. I spent two weeks working one-on-one with her. She was a great teacher and I learned so much.

And lastly my list of what I miss the most about Georgia and what I like the most about Utah:

I miss: my central air conditioning, my garage, my friends, my washer/dryer
I like: no humidity, no bugs, great grass, walking everywhere, Sunday dinner at Grandma's with family

Till next time...............