Tuesday, June 14, 2011

8 Days to Cross the Country

I left Georgia on May 25, 2011. But before I did, I enjoyed a nice farewell lunch with some of my good friends from Church.

I loaded up the car with as much as I could fit in and just locked the door and left. I thought it would be harder than it was to leave. Rachel, Thayne and Don -- please keep a good eye on the house!

My first stop was Kentucky. I spent 5 days visiting Holly and her family. There is never a quiet moment when you have 3 little boys running around. I had lunch at school with Tommy and Jackson, attended the end-of -year awards program, played games and read books, and just enjoyed being with the family. Tommy will be baptized while I am away. I hate to miss that, but I think he'll understand.

I left Kentucky and headed to St. Louis. Spent a night there and then off to Kansas. You know, Missouri and Kansas are two very long states. But all went well. I thought I might see some tornado action in Kansas, but fortunately I was able to miss that.

I arrived in Denver on Tuesday, the 31st. I spent a great night at the Walton home. They are Logan's in-laws. We took a really nice bike ride that evening. Made me realize how nice it is not to have any humidity. They were very gracious. Look forward to making a stop there on my way back east next year.

This picture is taken from the rest area as you enter the state of Utah.

And here is a glimpse of the great Rockies!

I am now settled in and working. I'll post on that soon!



We loved your visit--can't wait to see you when you head back East!

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